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Ceci n'est pas une blog
by Glenn Franxman, Django Developer / Stunt Programmer.

3D Silhouettes

posted: 2007-06-04 21:31:06 perma-link, RSS comments feed

After seeing this, I defnitely have to refine my skills on the lathe. That's too awesome!



Dorsaf commented, on June 29, 2013 at 9:43 p.m.:

for years, so I'm doing my part to try and get through to one naive young mind who has twice as much yet to learn than I. Admittedly I have an innifite amount of things yet to uncover, that's why I don't EVER post anything on youtube. I've complimented some people a couple times, but have you noticed that 95% of these? people here are judgemental, envious, bitter pricks? For a lot of these poor souls YouTube is their life. Don't be one of them. You talk like them. Don't be that.


Elena commented, on June 29, 2013 at 9:43 p.m.:

I'm disappointed that this is going for a Christmas reealse. Because of the Holiday season or better known as Retail HELL it maybe difficult for me to take entire time off. Hopefully the premiere will be on a weekend.

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