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Ceci n'est pas une blog
by Glenn Franxman, Django Developer / Stunt Programmer.


posted: 2008-08-01 20:45:28

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A note from the author is using a fluid layout based upon work by Dave Reeder. I'm trying to take CSS a little more seriously; but I'm having a hard time because of all of the bad syntax, browser compatibility hacks, and non-fluid layouts. If any of the other technology I used were like CSS, I'd have to set myself on fire and jump off of a cliff.

Lab Sites

* denotes django powered sites.

Solving Rubik's Cube with Legos

posted: 2008-07-27 22:30:48

Man, it's crazy what the kids are doing these days with legos:

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Local Sites

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Visualizing magnetic fields

posted: 2008-07-12 13:28:13

This is a really great artists visualization of invisible magnetic fields. The combination of voice-overs, random lab footage and animation creates an effect that is creepy and wonderful at the same.

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Economy versus Broadband -- Fight!

posted: 2008-07-07 23:04:35

I wonder how much of a correlation there is between the health of the economy and broadband penetration.
Does anyone downgrade from broadband to dialup? What if I had to choose?

I'd probably give up magazines and video rentals. That'd save gas on trips to the bookstore and ...

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Reversed publishing with Django

posted: 2008-06-25 15:41:21

>>> from django.core.template import *
>>> c = Context( { 'ctnt': 'this is a test' } )
>>> t = Template( """ {{ ctnt|slice:"::-1" }} """ )
>>> t.render( c )
' tset a si siht '


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Designer Clouds

posted: 2008-06-01 23:34:54

Designer Clouds -- This paves the way for all sorts of interesting guerrilla art installations. I wonder if they've tried adding dyes to the foam, or combining smaller 'clouds' into larger works.

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Books from my childhood

posted: 2008-05-03 05:26:28

Books that I remember from my childhood: The Perpetual Learning Machine - a gift from my grandmother. The Great Brain series - borrowed from Brian Rudolph as a kid. The Mad Scientists Club - bought through a grade school book club. The Funk & Wagnel Encyclopedias of animals and insects ...

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Test driving DropBox

posted: 2008-05-01 01:03:00

Just got my DropBox account set up. For those not familiar, it is versioned storage that you can just mount on any of your machines. Instant synchronization, and versioning. Behind the scenes I think it is just svn, macfuse, and growl, but having such a simple interface is very nice. ...

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Twitter versus RSS Smackdown

posted: 2008-04-20 00:40:25

I have been in the RSS camp for many years. Originally, I really panned twitter. Then I joked that pownce was the new twitter, and eventually that twitter was the new twitter. But lately I've been embracing twitter, though mostly as a travel tool. This got me thinking... Media companies ...

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