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Hands down

posted: 2005-02-07 02:01:58 perma-link, RSS comments feed

Gizmodo thinks it's premature to even mention a disinterested customer base and a product line that's two years behind everyone else.

I disagree. Palm has been dragging its feet ever since the palm V was introduced.

Although their initial genius was in the simplicity of their device,
they've turned the resultant higher-than-average margin on low end
hardware into a philosophy that has kept them from doing everything
that world wants from them. Cameras, media capability, wireless, etc
all seem to be features added grudgingly and late. Why?

2005/02/09 -- A related quote from Engadget:

But for a hard drive, PalmOne could have developed the iPod or Portable Media Center. Instead, we see companies such as Archos taking portable video players and co-opting PIM functionality.



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