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Mac Zealots

posted: 2004-01-22 20:48:18 perma-link, RSS comments feed

There are Mac zealots, and there are anti-Mac-zealots.

Of course, I'm not innocent here.

Benz said on 2004-01-23 22:41:22:
Interesting. My experience has been exactly the opposite. Switched from a Dell with a faster processor than the Mac and my Mac screams in comparison. I was running Windows XP. At work, I run whatever they're calling NT these days. It's even worse. Much slower. Again, with a fast processor and more RAM than I have on the Mac. The Max is running OS X 10.3.2. I wouldn't argue the Mac is without flaws. But I don't regret dumping that Dell for a second. It was worth every extra penny I paid to switch. (BTW: I definitely didn't pay double for the PowerBook I bought. I probably paid a 20 or 30 percent pemium for a computer that is much faster and more fun to use ... The other thing I've noticed is that despite not having as much software to choose from, the software that is developed for the Mac is better. Case in point: NoteTaker. What an utterly cool piece of software I guess opinions really are like assholes ...

jc said on 2004-01-23 15:38:44:
Put me in the "anti" camp please. And for those who don't know, I'm a mac user. As bloated and crappy as mac zealots say windows is, X.whatever is worse. Sure it's nice, sure it does a lot, but my pc beats my mac on speed hands down, every day. And thats when my mac is running NOTHING else but the same software, and my pc running other things in the background. There is NO reason in this day and age to run a mac unless you "just like them" and you have the disposable income to pay about double what an equivalent pc would cost.



Santiago commented, on June 28, 2013 at 12:15 a.m.:

The failed logic is atauclly on your side.First the post is about Islamic zealots wanting to trim a mans mustache, because (it seems) that some Muslims believe that it is good to have beards but that mustaches should be cut short. The fact that a religion (any religion) puts such a strong emphasis on facial hair is a good example of how stupid religions are, and to treat one mans mustache as an offense so deep to Islam that he could face death for it well, need I say more?If in Pakistan mustache is so important it is even more compelling that this news item makes Islam looks ridiculous if the grooming of facial hair is appreciated in your country how come you defend Islam and say that this story does not show the evil stupidity behind this religion?In this case Its either you're with the Islam and against the mustache or you're with the mustache grooming and against Islam, we're going with the mustache, and will not want anyone dead for his facial hair.

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