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posted: 2003-06-07 09:22:43 perma-link, RSS comments feed

Cigar smokers have it easy

PAD stands for Pipe Aquisition Disorder. Its a strange side effect of pipe smoking. You see, cigarette smokers smoke for the buzz and the nicotine. Cigar smokers smoke for the taste and the buzz and the nicotine. Pipe smokers smoke for the pipe and the taste and the buzz and the nicotine.

At least that's my understanding of the situation.

Cigar smokers have it easy. The work is done for them. The tobacco is rolled for them. They select a brand and vintage, nip the end, light it up, puff away 'til it's gone. Pretty Zen, if you ask me.

Pipe smoking is a lot more work. Just look what goes into to pipe smoking before the pipe is even lit.

First, there are more varieties of pipe tobacco to choose from - possibly more than anyone could reasonably sample during a lifetime ( though, as smoking becomes less popular that will change ).

Second, you need a pipe. Again the variety is astonnishing (sp?). There are choices as to materials ( corn cobb, calabash gourd, meerschaum, and the ever popular briar, which itself comes in at least three varieties ). Then there are the styles - straight, bilard, full-bent, half-bent, quarter bent, apple, bulldog, church warden, calabash, poker, sitter, egg and the wildcard - freehand pipes.

On top of that there are smooth, satin, sandblasted and rusticated finishes.

There is so much variety that the pipe can be as unique as the individual smoker. Which brings us to PAD. Most pipe smokers advocate letting your pipes rest a day or two between smokes to allow the pipe to recover from the moisture that it absorbs during the smoke. So if you are just a casual smoker, one pipe will do ya, but if you're an every day smoker, you'll probably need two.

If you're an obsessive experimenter, with many different tobaccos to sample, it means you'll need several. And this is where the search for the perect pipe that suits you begins. Where does it end? I'm not certain. Does it?

Howard Owens said on 2003-06-09 12:32:07:
If I had more time and more money, I'd own more pipes and try more varieties of tabbaco. But one thing I like about cigars that you don't mention is the ritual of lighting one ... the snip, the smell, the wafting of the flame to slowing warm the tip, the turning to singe the edges ... the the glorious torch of flame as the burnt end becomes fully engulfed.



Juj commented, on August 21, 2012 at 1:51 a.m.:

I quit exactly 3 weeks ago today.I used the patch and also an herabl remedy called Lobelia. The Lobelia can only be used a few times a day, but it really helps during the height of a craving. It totally calms you down and also gives you that feel of satisfaction as if you just had a smoke. I was very crabby and irritable for the first 2 weeks and now everything is starting to feel normal again. My boss is my biggest support, and told me there four types of people in this world.Smokers who smoke.Smokers who don't smoke.Non-Smokers who smoke. (the type that smoke when they drink, etc)Non-Smokers who don't smoke.He quit 12 years ago, but considers himself a smoker who doesn't smoke because it is still a fight for him, even 12 years later. I feel that I will also be a smoker who doesn't smoke. It gets easier every day, but I still glorify the cigarette and think about it fairly often.I have a number of friends and family members who have used the Chantix and that has worked wonders for them. I don't have insurance so I decided on the patch.Anyway, I've quit before, but I feel this is really it for me. I just lost my father-in-law due to lung cancer and now my aunt was just diagnosed. So everytime I really want one, I think of how far I have come, and how I don't want to voluntarily kill myself.So, I say to you, do it when you're ready, provide yourself with assistance (ie the patch, gum, medication, anything) and get a great support system.

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