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by Glenn Franxman, Django Developer / Stunt Programmer.

A good day

posted: 2003-06-14 22:12:35 perma-link, RSS comments feed

The result is a smoke that is cooler and drier as is typical of calabashes, but with the flavor and character of briar

Nothing controversial, just a good productive day. Started the ball rolling on refinancing my mortgage, bought two awesome pipes, lunch on the river, dinner at Littons, saw a couple bands at the marina in Lenoir City. Good Times...

Here are some additional notes ( not that anyone else would care ), about each of these things.

I'd like to refinance my mortgage through my existing company, but they sold my loan to another company that doesn't actually do business in my state, which is why their website won't allow me to enter my address on the application. So I decided to contact a couple of other companies today. Hopefully there will be good news before the coming week ends.

I got two nice new pipes from Keith at He was good to do business with, and cut me a deal ( or so I was led to beleive, pipes are expensive, but the mark up gives them plenty of wiggle room, I'm sure ). I got a large Hungarian Oom Pauls made by Mark Tinsky, and an interesting briar-calabash hybrid also by Canadian Philip Trypis.

A calabash is typicaly made from a calabash gourd with a meershaum insert. However Mark didn't know where he could get Turkish meershaum, so he turned the material he is most comfortable with -- briar. The result is a smoke that is cooler and drier as is typical of calabashes, but with the flavor and character of briar. Genius. And the best smoke I've had yet.

Here's the downside, if you want to call it that: he asked me on the side what tobacco I like, and mentioned I was currently smoking Orlik Heavy Strong Kentuck and Mild Honey Dew. I guess it stuck in his head, because at the cash register, he threw in another 100g of the mild honey dew. It's not that I hate the MHD, but now I've got 200g to smoke of it. I estimate that to be 1 year and a half's worth at my current rate of consumption. It might be OK now, but I wonder what my opinion of it will be when I reach the end.

Lunch on the river was chicken salad, and saw RMS and and some Pseudopod play on a stage near the river. Dinner included Knoxville's only no-carb meal - the Jim Fielden at Littons. Yummy.

Then back to Lenoir City's marina to see the Dave Mathew Cover Band on a floating stage for all of the boats. They were awesome. And the production was much better than the last event they threw on the river. The encore was a 15 minute version The Watchtower. They rocked! Mad prop's to their sax player!

mock said on 2003-06-19 09:28:08:
pipes are cool. there's some good leaf for those pipes at leaf & ale ( that i would recommend.



jopado commented, on September 13, 2007 at 1:37 a.m.:

Whatever kind of tobacco your overstocked on can easily outlive you and your pipe(s) by using this simple method:
Place a weeks (or month) supply in a quality zip lock type bag, use hand pressure to remove as much air as possible and zip the bag. Roll it firmly and place three rubber bands around the roll (doubled if necessary and spaced evenly) and one or two more lenghwise.
Put the bag(s) in your home freezer and keep it at zero degrees (or lower) and 5,10,20 years from now it'll be exactly as it was when you stored it.
Tobacco, afterall, is just a veggie and will surrive like any other vegitable.
This is a trick I learned during my years 100 miles north of the Artic Circle(except my 'freezer' was the front porch).


Sergio commented, on August 20, 2012 at 6:09 p.m.:

Please consider alwliong subscriptions to your Facebook page. That will allow your updates to show up in someone's News Feed without them having to become friends. I, and surely others do as well, prefer not to become Facebook friends with people who I do not personally know. Thanks!


Ana commented, on September 21, 2012 at 10:15 a.m.:

I just got back from this location, I trseahd it on the other DE location too but this will feel better. I ride my motorcycle an hour there to pick up 2 simple items hemp wick and a glass bat for my dugout to replace my metal gross one. They have the hemp wick, and about 200 small glass bats and 0 STANDARD SIZE ONES! I also looked over their pipes and they are so overpriced it's insane. $265 for a pipe I can buy online right now for 90. thats CONFIRMED too since they do have name brand crap that isn't worth the decal on the tube. 400 Varieties of rolling papers, 1 style of glass bat when every real shop would have both they sell both style dugouts but not the bats, makes no sense, then overcharge on EVERYTHING. I walked out without even buying the hemp wick, if these local fools want to push people even further into the internet for all their shopping then so be it, I won't feel bad anymore about not getting cheated and being run around for 1 stupid 10 dollar item. Problem is their location, too many people with money who dont know anything and will just buy whatever. Pathetic


olvpukfgl commented, on September 23, 2012 at 10:53 p.m.:

hW0j0f <a href="">wjlbfeaufciq</a>

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